8.17. Summary of Map ADT Implementations

Over the past two chapters we have looked at several data structures that can be used to implement the map abstract data type. A binary Search on a list, a hash table, a binary search tree, and a balanced binary search tree. To conclude this section, let’s summarize the performance of each data structure for the key operations defined by the map ADT (see Table 1).

Table 1: Comparing the Performance of Different Map Implementations
operation Sorted Array Hash Table Binary Search Tree AVL Tree
put \(O(n)\) \(O(1)\) \(O(n)\) \(O(\log_2{n})\)
get \(O(\log_2{n})\) \(O(1)\) \(O(n)\) \(O(\log_2{n})\)
in \(O(\log_2{n})\) \(O(1)\) \(O(n)\) \(O(\log_2{n})\)
del \(O(n)\) \(O(1)\) \(O(n)\) \(O(\log_2{n})\)
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