1.1. Welcome to C++ for Python ProgrammersΒΆ

This short ebook is intended to help Python programmers or students with at least one term of Python programming experience learn the basics of the C++ programming language.

This book is written using the build on what you know philosophy. In order to help you learn C++ we will start with a Python example and then implement the example in C++. We will also examine the strengths, weaknesses, and differences between these two languages. As such, this book does not attempt to replace the many good C++ reference books that are available. Please feel free to use this book for yourself, or as a resource for a class you are teaching.

Some sections of this book were originally written by Dr. Brad Miller as Java for Python Programmers. These were translated to the C++ language by Dr. Jan Pearce and a team of excellent students from Berea College. Other sections were originally written as class web pages by Dr. Jan Pearce.

This ebook is published using a Creative Commons license to encourage you to use it, change it, and modify it for your own purposes. We would appreciate knowing what you think if you do use this book, and we would love to see any modifications or additions you make. Please, Fork Me!

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