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AR-Lab: Visit the Evening Lab and Talk with a TA

This is a large class, and we want you to feel comfortable making use of all of the resources available. One of the best resources is our set of wonderful teaching assistants (TAs)

Here is a paragraph from the course syllabus:
The Computing and Digital Crafts Lab, located in Danforth Technology 104, is open Sunday through Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (except on evenings of convocations). Most of our CS TAs will be able to answer questions about the computational content in the course during consultations in their Computing and Digital Crafts Lab hours. Assistance, including making up missed labs, is available during office hours and in the Computing and Digital Crafts Lab. Topics in this course build throughout the course, so students should be sure to do their best to keep up with the class to not get behind and forever lost. Remember that no question to which you do not know the answer is "dumb," unless it goes unanswered because it remained unasked. Best results are obtained trying to solve problems before asking for help, so students should be prepared to show what they have already tried.

For this assignment, you will need to go to the lab with an assignment, meet with a TA, ask the TA a couple of questions, work with the TA on an assignment, and write a short reflection. Note: for a small number of students, we realize that going to the evening Lab may pose a severe hardship possibly because of familial or other conflicting obligations. If this is the case for you, please see one of the instructors as soon as possible to describe the hardship so you can be given an alternative assignment.

The instructions

Create a new document called yourusername-AR-Lab.docx.

After you attend the evening lab, please type in a one page or more journal-like entry which responds to the following questions. We are most interested in your personal reflections and observations.

  1. What was the date you went to the evening lab?
  2. Describe your experience of arriving at the evening lab. How did you feel? What did you notice about the other people in the lab? How did they interact with you?
  3. What is the name of the TA who you worked with?
  4. Which assignment did you bring to work with the TA on?
  5. How was the experience of working with the TA the same as working with a student in a class? How was it different?
  6. We would like for you to ask the TA a question or a piece of advice related to the class. This can be anything related to the class or more general about computer science. Asking for general advice about how to be successful in the class is fine. Asking the TA why he or she is majoring or minoring in computer science is fine. etc. What question or advice did you ask of the TA? Why did you ask this? What did he or she say in response?
  7. Was this the first time you have ever come to the evening lab? If so, how did it meet your expectations? How did it differ from your expectations? If no, how did it compare to your earlier visit(s)? How did it differ?
  8. Our primary goal for this assignment was to introduce you to the evening lab and for you to connect with one of the TAs. Do you think you will be open to returning to the evening lab on another occasion? Please explain.

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