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Software Design and Implementation

A5: Why Program in Pairs?

Assignment A5 should be complete individually.

Pair programming is an agile software development technique from industry in which two programmers work as a pair together on one computer. The driver, types code while the other, the navigator, reviews each line of code as it is typed in. The two programmers converse continually and switch roles frequently. It is what we want to aspire to practice in this course.

Read the attached research article from "The Costs and Benefits of Pair Programming"
by Alistair Cockburn and Laurie Williams

The instructions

Create a new document called yourusername-A5.docx.

After you have read the article "The Costs and Benefits of Pair Programming", create responses to the article that addresses the following prompts. You only need write a paragraph of 3-5 sentences or more for each. The goal is that your response shows you have thought about the article and added your own experience or insights to its ideas.

  1. Which of the results from the article were the most surprising to you? Why were you surprised? What were your expectations? Elaborate briefly.
  2. Which of the costs and/or benefits mentioned in the article, align with your experience in class? Explain.
  3. In your work in class up to this point, do you feel that you have been closer to practicing "partner programming" or "pair programming" (as they are described in the article) or have you been somewhere in between? Explain.
  4. Do you expect to change any of your teamwork and pair-programming practices after reading this article? Explain why or why not.
Note that submitted files with incorrect filenames may not receive full credit because it makes grading more difficult for us and the TAs, so please check filenames carefully!

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