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Software Design and Implementation

A4: Looping Turtles

Assignment A4 should be complete individually.

The instructions

Modify a pre-existing or create a new program that incorporates the ideas of loops, the Turtle graphics module, and interaction with the user.

Here are a few examples of python code which uses the turtle library and loops. Right-click to download.
Create a new Python program either by modifying the code above or writing brand new one in a file called that has the following features:
  1. It uses the Turtle library and draws on a canvas.
  2. What you draw is something that brings a smile to your face.
  3. It uses loops.
  4. Any lines that are doing something that is not immediately clear, add comments.
Once you are done, upload your file onto Moodle.

Note that submitted files with incorrect filenames may not receive full credit because it makes grading more difficult for us and the TAs, so please check filenames carefully!

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